apply for business loan and working capital, invoice, Purchase order and factor loans

Please provide the following - there will space to upload at end of short application below:



1. summary of your request and use of funds

2. short history of your business (just summarize gross revenue to date and past 2 years)

3. Company Financial Statment and/or Profit Loss:

4. 3 months business bank statements

5. Personal Financial Statement of borrower and guarantors

6. average accounts receivables outstanding - report

7. Current accounts payable aging (including names and addresses) *
8. Blank invoice copy
9.. Five trade references including name, address and phone number on each


10. (will be asked below) Please include any story (good or bad)about your business and what is affecting current revenue.


11. If you own your real estate, please provide estimate of market value, tax value and any mortgage on property


We like to review the whole "story" as to help and understand in the quickest way and most economical way possible provide a business loan solution.


Your Positon in relation to loan request :
Business name and Address:
Phone number :
Email Address:
loan amount wanted :
What is purpose of loan /use of funds :
Discuss business history (how long in business, background, etc.) :
What type of business ownership ?
What is "story" of the loan. Short answer about any problems you may have had, credit issues, other :
What does your business provide:
Website of Business:
If You own your property, what is value and do you have loans against real estate :
upload documents if ready ( 3 month bank statements, business income -last 2 years, copy of pending invoices and contracts..) see list above - as much as available


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